Change rooms

The change rooms are open

but these rules are still in place

  • Changing areas will be clearly marked out, so social distancing is maintained. Marked out areas are large enough for an adult and child to use that are in the same bubble.  Marked out areas can only be used once.
  • Face coverings to be worn at each person’s discretion inside and out
  • Ventilation units turned to maximum or windows opened where available
  • 15 minutes maximum to towel down and vacate the area (less time the better). This will help staff to be able to fog down the changing areas and give the sanitising product time to take effect.
  • No food or drinks in these areas. All rubbish to be placed into bins.
  • anyone not abiding by these conditions will place theirclub’s booking in jeopardy for the rest of the term

Approved by the Sports Facilities team

Alleyn’s School