• We have successfully survived our August sessions with restrictions in place and are looking ahead to continued support from you.

By attending you confirm you are symptom free.  If any symptoms arise you must report them immediately.

Everyone has to book in advance by email preferably by the term. You must include a phone number if you have not previously booked under these restrictions.  This is mandatory for track and trace.

Swimmers will be met by our Covid officer, Petra, at the front gate up to 15 minutes in advance of their session, checked in and directed to the pool building.
Kids will be picked up after their session at the front gate or at the entrance to the pool building.

********Remember you must wear a mask on site and sanitise at the front gate and when entering the pool building********

********Only swimmers will be allowed in the pool building********No spectators or waiting areas********
The exception will be learn to swim accompanied by a parent.
There will be a one way system in place in the building.

The usual Covid hygiene practices will be in place.
Hand sanitising stations will be placed prominently.
Masks for 12+ will be required on the site and in the building before and after swimming.

There will be no sharing of equipment.  You must bring your own kick floats and flippers as well as goggles and take them home after each use as we are not allowed to store them.  Kick floats are highly recommended for all swimmers.
********Noodles are highly encouraged for learn to swim********
All this equipment is available and inexpensive, from Decathlon in Croydon.

********Change rooms will not be in use********

These directives come from Stefan Gibberd, Sports Facilities Manager at Alleyn’s School. They are based on recommended guidelines from Swim England and also part of the Risk Assessment at Alleyn’s School.
Beach Changing will be with as for a while as the present situation doesn’t look like it will be going away anytime soon.

The following is 
based on safeguarding rules for children and adults.

You must arrive with your costume under your clothes.

When the session has finished, put on a tracksuit or suitable clothing over your swim costume.

No one should be stripping down under towels or changing in a toilet space.  We suggest you bring a big towel or two to get as dry as you can.

No outdoor shoes are to be worn poolside as you are exiting.’

********Please respect these guidelines  ********
if you do not respect these rules you will be challenged by Alleyn’s staff or our Covid officer

There  are notices on the blue benches with separate changing areas for male and female and they are sectioned off by black marks designating social distancing.

Toilets can be accessed on the upper level before swimming (please use these) and poolside during your session.

Wait on the benches at the beginning of your session to be called to your lane by Krys. Follow his instructions to join your group and maximise social distancing while waiting with others to resume swimming and during the progression of the lane swim.